Tours in Istanbul Saint Sophia


1. Classical Istanbul Tours:

   In the classical Istanbul tours, the most interesting and worldwide known sites and places of this beautiful city are visited. The tours happen around places as Hypodrome: Horse Race Place and Hagia Sophia, which altogether are often called as "The Old City". Hagia Sophia, Museum of Archeology, Sultan Ahmet Mosque, Topkapi Serail, the University of Istanbul, The Grand Bazaar, Galata Bridge and in some special tours Galata Tower, Pera, Bosphorus Strait and Palaces etc. are visited. These tours are a great way to learn about the ancient past of Turkey.

2. Education and Sciences Tours:

In these tours, universities, educational and scientific institutions (students-teachers-professors etc.) participate. Schools, universities or scientific groups realise their special educational or academic programme while they visit cultural historical educational and scientific places and buildings in Istanbul, where there are 30 universities of different sciences disciplines.

3. Istanbul Cultural Tours:

In the cultural tours we concentrate on the cultural, historical places and buildings of old Istanbul. We spend enough time to see the cultural sights and places in details. The cultural tours are for the tourists who are enthusiastic about the cultural beauties of Istanbul.

4. Istanbul Fine Arts Tours:

Artist travelers participate In the fine arts tours. These tours include visits to famous places of Istanbul with art activities such drawings, oil and water colour paintings,sculpture and pottery makings, art photography or video film takings etc. During the fine arts tours artist tourists are able to make their drawings, paintings, potteries, sculptures, photographies or video films etc.


The professional tour guiding fee varies, depending on the number of participants (from 1 to 50), on the tour category and locations from 10 Euros to 100 Euros per day and per person.

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